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TIPS FOR USERS: With this search form you can locate individual women who campaigned or were nominated for elective office. Entering information in multiple fields will help narrow your search. Results may include a biographical entry about the candidate, entries listing her campaigns, photographs (if available), and other resources. Once you have the results of your search, the Search Filters on the left side of the screen may provide additional information about the candidate(s) you have searched. Be aware that the numbers in the Search Filters indicate how many types of filters are in a category. Click on a Search Filter type to see more information. Opening several Search Filters should allow you to continue narrowing your search. Close a Search Filter by clicking on the title and on the dash. Closing Search Filter(s) will allow you to return to your original search results. TO SEARCH FOR INFORMATION BY THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA: Political party, political office, date of campaigns, or by state, please return to the Home page and select the Campaign search form.

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